Our Production of Rapeseed

Rapeseed cultivation

Rape is a cruciferous cultivated for its oil-rich seeds (about 42%).
Rape should be sown on a clean floor in late August and harvested in July.
The yield is about 3 tons per hectare, a part of our production is processed into oil at the farm and the rest is sold to traders

Home Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil

The harvest is performed with our combine harvester at the best time in the year: when the seed is ripe and the seed moisture is between 9% and 10% maximum.
The seeds are then stored in silos under controlled conditions, critical step of the process. Indeed, we must avoid that the seeds do not degrade and do not warm up. To obtain this, the silos equipped with a conical bottom are regularly blown by a fan that sends cool, dry air to lower the temperature of the seeds as soon as the outside temperature reaches about 10 ° C.
Rapeseed are drawn off the silos by batch and send through a hopper that feeds the continuous press. The small size of the press and the slow throughput of production are key in order to maintain the seeds under 50 ° C: hence the name "cold pressed", the press operates continuously, sometimes even during the night. It extracts from 5 to 6 liters of oil per hour. One liter of oil extracted requires 3.5 kg of seeds, with 2.4 kg of oilcake and 100g of molasses. Molasses is spread on the fields. The cake is sold to a local producer of animal nutrition.
The extracted oil is decanted twice, it eliminates the major impurities. It is then stored for 2 to 3 months in stainless steel tanks of 1000 L with a floating cover to avoid oxidation by air.

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Better knowing Rapeseed

For more information about the growth of Rapeseed, Please visit the site CETIOM ?

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