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The seeds are stored in ventilated silos, they are sorted with a separator and a gravity table to remove all the bad seeds.

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A bit of history: The lentils at the origin of agriculture

The Lentil was among the first plants to be cultivated by man. It can be found traces in many prehistoric sites : in Syria, for example, the Lentils could be dated to the eighth millennium BCE.
The cultivation of lentils is performed since the late Paleolithic period, there are nearly 10,000 years!
Gradually, the man stops feeding exclusively by hunting and picking fruit (Paleolithic man) and starts to cultivate land and to farm(neolithic man).
The cultivation of lentils, element buiding the history of mankind, is associated with this change.
Along the time, this rich food, often called "beefsteak plant," is transferred and distributed around the Mediterranean.

The writings of Pliny the Elder suggest that the Phoenicians and Carthaginians ate lentils. It describes a recipe for mashed lentils dating from the fourth century BC.
In Rome, the lentils were, with beans, cabbage and turnip, a typical dish for poor people, farmers ... or a miser! Anyway, it was one of the few hot dishes that many could afford.

The Lentil is widely found in the traditional Arabic cuisine: as chickpea, it was used to give substance to dishes of meat or poultry simmered. It also served to replace the grain at the time of famine. It was the basic food for people in the Middle East.
The medieval Jewish food knew lentils and used it in backing some breads for his caloric intake or in some varaitions of soups and stews.

The Romans, thanks to their network of communications, have increased the spread of cereals and pulses throughout the West. The lentil was already known in Auvergne and in Velay by the Gauls.
But it was under Italian influence, in the late Middle Ages, the lentils become new fashion and is found in many recipes.

Idea or suggestion to use cooked Green Lentils

Salad with tomatoes, onions, raisins, melon, bacon, diced ham ... not to mention the seasoning, virgin rapeseed oil or Linseed oil, balsamic vinegar, mustard, salt and freshly ground peper.
Diced bacon, carrots, onions or shallots may also be served with Green Lentils cooked as a hot dish to go with a meat or a fish.

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Contrôle de la culture - photo Genevieve ENGEL

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Lentils classées - photo Genevieve ENGEL

Remplissage des sachets - photo Genevieve ENGEL

Sachets de Lentils - photo Genevieve ENGEL

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