The Linseed , a product with remarkable properties

One of the richest in Omega 3 oil

No refining operation
No additives
Not altered by any heat treatment

Linseed oil : a concentrate of benefits for health

Repairs dry skin and rebalance acne skin
Suitable for face and body
Balancing effect on the hormonal actions and strengthening immunity defenses

A living product, a fragile product

Cannot bear long cooking, must be kept refrigerated and used within three months after opening.

To be used for your dishes

In your salad dressings, alone or mixed with virgin olive oil, first cold pressed Sunflower or olive oil

For your wellbeing, to feel all right

In massage, it relieves arthritis pain

The Linseed

Raw and milled, the Linseed release all of its benefits.
Due to its high energetic content, it can replace eggs for those who have allergy to them.

To be used for your dishes

your yogurt
Mixed into your bowl of cereal
In an omelet
In your waffle batter or in your bread dough
In your stewed apples
Added to vinaigrettes
In your jams
Added to your spaghetti sauce just before serving
In a salad of potatoes, with Lentils in a tabbouleh
And many other dishes ... Unleash your imagination.
In a quantity of one tablespoon per pound of fruit, seed Linseed contributes to gel your jams

One of the most oil rich in Omega producer

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photo Jean Albert

photo Jean Albert

photo Jean Albert

photo Jean Albert

photo Jean Albert

photo Jean Albert

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La Dépèche

One of the richest in Omega 3 oil
Saturated fatty acid 9,50%
Acide gras mono-insaturés 19,80%
Polyinsaturated fatty acid 70,50%
of which (n-3) Omega 3 54,30%
of which(n-6) Omega 6 16,20%
Analysis conducted November 3, 2010

Registration of "GAEC de Goudou for commerce activity", French certification of producer-market saler