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"Maison Fraysse" is a "GAEC" (group of farmers operating the same business together) putting together Lydie, Philippe and Benoit Fraysse farmers. Each of them contributes with its own specialty:
• Philippe farms lands mainly in the area of Villeneuve sur Vere and the village of "Sainte Croix" in the nearby.
• Benoit takes care mainly of the vineyards.
• Lydie deals with transforming the rapeseed and sunflower, Linseed seed into oil by an oil cold pressed process, packaging and marketing.

For optimal control of our production:
The farm is monitored under a contract for Sustainable Development.
Seed oil, the system is fully controlled on the farm: work simplified soil harvests are done with the combine of the GAEC best time to get quality of seeds. The seeds are stored in ventilated silos, they are sorted with a separator and a gravity table to remove all the bad seeds.
We also prepare cooked lenses in the laboratory on Tescou Beauvais, which guarantees us of hygiene is important and allows us to cook meals of excellent quality fully respecting the rules of food safety.
Action towards the sustainable development:
In order to protect the environment by limited use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, we practise crop rotation shifting from oilseeds (colza and sunflower) to the Our Production, flax, wheat, durum wheat, oats, barley and alfalfa.
What turns us unique:
The Our Production are identified by year of production and only the products of the current year are marketed : so cooking recent Our Production can be shorter because the vegetable is less dry and also can release fully its best flavor.
We press the oilseeds only when required by the demand in an unique pressing step with a speific press that allows us to obtain a virgin oil cold pressed. The oil is then filtered and filled in bottles at the farm.

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La ferme Fraysse - photo Jean Albert

Villeneuve sur Vère - photo Jean Albert

Eglise Villeneuve sur Vère et magasin Brin de Terre - photo Jean Albert

Pont sur la Vère - photo Jean Albert

Champ de Colza - photo Jean Albert

Fleur de Tournesol

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Registration of "GAEC de Goudou for commerce activity", French certification of producer-market saler